Dear Jehovah.

And in my darkest hours I look to you. If you’re there I pray you hear me. My voice may ache but I am sincere. My eyes are swollen with tears but I want to see clearly. Tears stain my cheeks and it shows my fears. But I am here and if you’re there I pray you hear me. I pray. I pray. I pray. I pray you hear me.


comment. tell me your thoughts.

It’s June 21, 2017 – 3:08 AM. I’m just here…doing nothing but contemplating. I just want the sun to come up. Do you feel that way sometimes? Like you yearn for tomorrow or for a time where you believe you have it all together just the way you like? Maybe I’m impatient, maybe I’m too anxious or maybe I’m just bored?


When you’re left alone with your thoughts

Does it sound like you’re stuck in a box?

So loud

So proud

The way you speak to yourself like that

The way you speak to yourself

Oh so fucking rude

You’re such a bitch

Can’t you see?

The very one that’s got your back

You turn on like a little pussy

She’s more than meets the eye

A little girl with so much pride

Never contemplated suicide

She wants to ride high

And hold on to the tide

She is you

You are her

Love her forever

And she’ll see you through this weather