Destruction By Another Name.

And when you become idle for too long…you slowly destroy yourself, and you enjoy every second of it. 


Like This.

Cuban Royal Palms

A dream come true

My world is so blue

Let me drown in it

Oh so blissfully

Don’t wanna come up

Give me a kiss

And tell me you believe

Believe in all my dreams

They taste so sweet

Like cranberries in the heat

I can barely feel my feet

They ain’t touching the ground

Too high in the clouds

To ever come down


What The Fuck Is To Come?

Do you ever think about what is to come? Where the fuck will you be? Will you even be here? What if you die before then? Will you make it that far? You don’t fuckin know. Ya know, I have high hopes for myself. So many dreams and hopes. So many. Too many to fuckin count. What if you knew, what if you knew how the fuck I really am? Would you judge me, would you give a fuck? You don’t fuckin know. I don’t fuckin know. Who the fuck knows? Shut the fuck up bitch, because you don’t fuckin know.