Overwhelmed as I see light reflect on the Sea.

Take it in. Breath it in. Bask in all its glory.

Falling so gracefully. Falling, falling, falling.

The breath of nature washes over me, gently.

To be overcome with the emotion of Mother Earth and to feel strongly at peace.

The Moon? She smiles at me.

Under her presence I am illuminated.

I breathe. A tear drops.

I am made of Wind and Sea.


Here’s to 2017

You are here. In this very moment, you are alive. After all that you have been through this year, you are here. How does it feel? …Bittersweet? But it’s out with the old and in with the new. And this is to 2017. A year in which you will live your life like its golden. A year in which you will fall madly in love with yourself. A year in which you will samba to the beat of your own drum. A year in which you will laugh a little more and enjoy the little things. A year in which you will spread peace and happiness to those around you. A year in which you will believe in yourself a little bit more. A year in which you will kick ass. A year in which everything is possible. This is to your hopes, your dreams, and the endless possibilities. This is to 2017.


Thank You: A Farewell

They say nothing lasts forever. Not even love. Everything will come to past. And this has come to past. But the memories will always stay. The good, the bad, the ugly. So, here’s a thank you. A thank you for letting me see a part of your world. Even if it was only for a while. Even if we were left a little more broken than before. Even if I was in the wrong. Even if you were in the wrong. Even if we were both in the wrong. It came and it went. And it’s no more. I don’t want to tell you goodbye. I want to tell you, thank you.