Overwhelmed as I see light reflect on the Sea.

Take it in. Breath it in. Bask in all its glory.

Falling so gracefully. Falling, falling, falling.

The breath of nature washes over me, gently.

To be overcome with the emotion of Mother Earth and to feel strongly at peace.

The Moon? She smiles at me.

Under her presence I am illuminated.

I breathe. A tear drops.

I am made of Wind and Sea.


Dear Jehovah.

And in my darkest hours I look to you. If you’re there I pray you hear me. My voice may ache but I am sincere. My eyes are swollen with tears but I want to see clearly. Tears stain my cheeks and it shows my fears. But I am here and if you’re there I pray you hear me. I pray. I pray. I pray. I pray you hear me.

Ukulele Chant.

Time is always ticking, never ending clicking. Countdown…4,3,2,1…start and never stop…on and on to the very top, breathe in breathe out, give it all you got, never a moments rest, this is your test, you gotta be the very best but remember not to stress, because que será será and you’ll always go very far.