I Hope. 

And I hope you remember how far you’ve come. I hope you take the time to congratulate yourself. I hope you know you have it in you. I hope you reach your potential. I hope you know you’re everything and more. 


The Faucet Is Running.

My mind is always racing. My thoughts won’t let me relax. I want to scream. I want to run away. I want someone to confide in. I am impatient. I want to burst. I can not sleep. Does any of this matter? I do not know who I am. I do not care but I have to care. I have to get through this. Why can’t I just take all my pills? I want to feel ok. Is this normal? I’m overthinking. I hate this. I hate it so much. This can’t be real. Why me? Why am I here? What do you want? Just leave me alone. I’m really trying. I really am.