Song of the Week – 11/14/16

Since I’m such a lover of music I’ve decided that every week I will post a song that inspires me or just makes me want to get up and shake something. So to start off my first post for Song of the Week here’s a piece by singer Sabrina Claudio called Confidently Lost. The lyrics are beautiful and definitely describe where I am right now in life. Have a listen!


I’m alone but I’m not lonely

Comfortably indulging, in trying to get to know me

I’m just an outline of what I used to be

Constantly evolving

Steadily revolving

I am confidently lost I don’t need you to find me

You don’t define me

I am confidently lost I don’t need you to find me

Cuz I’m not hiding

Anything (x2)

Made up of hope and meditation

Love, imagination

Water my creation

Baby it’s amazing, all the days I’m facing

Nothing seems to faze me

Cuz I am confidently lost I don’t need you to find me

Cuz I’m not hiding anything (x2)

I’m not hiding, anything (x2)


Thank You: A Farewell

They say nothing lasts forever. Not even love. Everything will come to past. And this has come to past. But the memories will always stay. The good, the bad, the ugly. So, here’s a thank you. A thank you for letting me see a part of your world. Even if it was only for a while. Even if we were left a little more broken than before. Even if I was in the wrong. Even if you were in the wrong. Even if we were both in the wrong. It came and it went. And it’s no more. I don’t want to tell you goodbye. I want to tell you, thank you.


Inner Demons

This part of you isn’t accessible to others

Sometimes not even to yourself

Trying to claw your way through all the bullshit

It keeps pulling you back down

You can’t breathe, can’t see

Can’t reckon with what you’ve become

You’ve lost the way

Or maybe you never found the way

Or maybe the way lost you

It can’t be found at the moment

It’s buried so deep

So deep that perhaps it’s not ready to be found

What Is Yet To Come…

You don’t know. You’re obviously living life, but at the same time you’re just going through the motions. There are some situations that will happen that will undoubtedly shape who you become. And yes, there are situations that have shaped you into the person you are today, however, you feel as if there is still shit to come that will totally change you. You don’t know what, but it needs to happen for you to realize. Realize what? As to what you need to realize, you’re not sure yet. Perhaps it needs to happen for you to continue to grow as a person. Some shit you just have to experience yourself. And when that time comes, you will know.


I’m on my way

I’m right around the corner

Give me sometime

You know, you gotta consider the traffic

And road detours

And unforeseen accidents

But I’m on my way

Give me sometime

The road is blocked


I have to take the back road

But I’m on my way

Give me sometime

I’m getting there


I just caught a flat

What do you do?

Guess I’ll wait

Wait for what?

What are you waiting for?

Nobody’s out here to help me

Let me do it myself

Nobody’s gonna do it for me

That’ll do for now

Just to get to where I’m going

Where am I going again?

Wherever I’m going

I’m on my way

Give me sometime

I’m right around the corner