Confronting Myself

Now that I think back on my high school years, especially my junior year, I realized I was dealing with some heavy stuff. I was barely getting my work done, the majority of the time I was anxious for no apparent reason, and I was extremely insecure. It was as if I was in a trance-like state. Physically, I was present. Mentally, I wasn’t. My mom chalked it up to be a problem with my thyroid or perhaps a vitamin deficiency. She took me to the doctor, I got my blood drawn, a couple of weeks later I received my results…nothing. My thyroid was in perfect condition and I was getting enough vitamins. It didn’t make sense. WTF was wrong with me?!

Now fast forward almost 4 years later, and everything makes sense. Most likely I was dealing with anxiety and depression. And that’s a scary thought, because I know I’m still dealing with those emotions, but just to a lesser extent. Now I recognize the signs. I can sense those moments when I’m slowly approaching a breakdown. It’s hard but I always manage to get through it, one way or another.




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I've got the world in my hands and I don't want to drop it.

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